Allure of the Stars

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Allure of the Stars
Beta Project
Developer Andres Löh, Mikolaj Konarski
Theme near-future Sci-Fi
Influences Angband, X-Com
Released Aug 05, 2011
Updated Jul 26, 2014 (0.4.14, aka 'Out of cosmic balance')
Licensing GNU AGPL3 (Free Software)
P. Language Haskell
Platforms Linux, OSX, Windows
Interface Keyboard, ASCII (GTK or Terminal)
Game Length ~30 minutes
Official site of Allure of the Stars

safari1.32x32.png Allure of the Stars is a near-future Sci-Fi roguelike and tactical squad game. Have a look at or jump straight into the fray.

The game is written in Haskell using the LambdaHack roguelike game engine. Long-term goals of the project are high replayability and auto-balancing through procedural content generation and persistent content modification based on player behaviour.




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