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| released = Feb 2003 (or later)
| released = Feb 2003 (or later)
| updated = 6th April, 2003 (0.9)
| updated = 6th April, 2003 (0.9)
| download = [ FTP], [ Mirror]
| download = [ FTP], [ Mirror]
| site =
| site =

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Angband Variant
Developer Alexander Pirozhkov (
Based on Angband 3.0.0
Theme Fantasy
Released Feb 2003 (or later)
Updated 6th April, 2003 (0.9)
Download FTP, Mirror

[ Official site]

AlexAngband is an unmaintained Angband variant, and is one of the few variants of the 3.0 series which makes use of Lua.

Its main features include:

  • All home items, and artifact, unique, object, and monster information is stored in a savefile-independent way, allowing different characters share the same information.
  • An Adventurer's Guild, where items can be sold and bought by other characters
  • "Storm levels", which are levels engulfed in elemental storms and contain powerful artifacts
  • The addition of a belt slot, from which you can use an item in half a turn; also, other "realism" changes making it take longer to use an item from the pack than one worn or wielded
  • Different modes of two-handed fighting

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