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* [http://aburatan.sourceforge.net/ ''Abura Tan'' homepage]
* [http://aburatan.sourceforge.net/ ''Abura Tan'' homepage]
[[Category:Alpha projects]]
[[Category:Alpha projects]][[Category:Roguelike Games]]

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Abura Tan was created by Michael Blackney in 2001.



Abura Tan hopes to combine western, axis WWII, steampunk and apocalyptic themes, drawing inspiration from The Dark Tower, The King in Yellow and the fantasy works of Richard Brautigan.

Gameplay intends to be a palatable compromise of NetHack and ADOM.

It is not presently playable and is very much a work-in-progress.

Versions and platforms

Latest version of Abura Tan is 0.A11 and was released on December 23, 2004. Abura Tan is only available for DOS, but the source code is freely available.

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