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@Star Wars
Developer Roocey
Theme Star Wars
Influences Crawl and many others
Status Alpha
Released 0.1e - June 30th, 2012
Updated 0.3b - August 8th, 2012
Licensing http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows
Interface Primarily keyboard
Game Length A few minutes currently
Official site of @Star Wars

@Star Wars (alternatively, @Star Wars RL) is a roguelike set in the Star Wars galaxy. Windows downloads are regularly posted on the development blog. The source code is not currently publicly available. Development currently comes in large sweeps. Most version updates include over twenty significant changes.


  • D6 system.
  • Diverse species.
  • Skills that integrate well into the D6 system.
  • Backgrounds!
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