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The 2009 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge had an astoundingly large turnout with an even more impressive output. With 45 entrants and 25 successes this has been by far the most active 7DRL competition to date. The official contest ran from March 7th to March 15th, while a number of contestants chose their own start time. Here is a list (in alphabetical order) of the official participants:





  • Altefact: Planets of Elderlore (RGRD)
  • HexDecimal: Hydrosphere (RGRD)
  • jimmy aberg: AbstractRL (RGRD)
  • konjin_: Flying @ (RGRD)
  • Stein: Tales of Ezcyria (RGRD)


Challengers:      45
Winners:          25
Failed:           14
Runaways:          6


Medal_7DRL_2009_s.png The 2009 7DRL Challenge Medal was designed by Slash

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