7DRL Challenge 2018

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The 2018 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge invited developers to produce a complete roguelike game in seven short days. The challenge dates were set for 3-11 March 2018. This was the first 7DRL Challenge to be hosted on itch.io


Competition tags

On Wordpress, the tag 7DRL 2018 is for related blog posts. On Twitter and G+, the hashtag #7DRL is for competition related status updates.

Finished entries

Following is a list of the finished entries, sorted by average rating granted by the review committee. Complete info and playable builds for the entries can be found at the itch.io page.

  • DEAD FACE by jere
  • Meters Below the Ground by gridbugs
  • Arcane Seeds by High Sodium Games
  • Artifex gladii by pawel_s1
  • Shift Stack by Mantis-Eye Labs
  • Arcana by underww
  • POLYBOT-7 by Kyzrati
  • Patient Rogue by watabou
  • Dimlit by gruebite
  • Purge Persist and Profit by IBOL
  • TouretteQuest by larsiusprime
  • Piratical by Lone Spelunker
  • 65 Million Years Ago by ArcaneRoboBrain
  • Nauwhea (7DRL) by roocey
  • Snek Trek by Maurog
  • Cunning Rogue by badscribbler
  • Dealing with Demons by whale cakes
  • Murky by Draconis
  • Temporus: Rogue by Firebelly Studios
  • The Sky and Depths of Kobrade Hills by Jan_rl
  • Demon Bathhouse RL by neontropics
  • My turn to pew by Zhamul
  • Time To Die by Darren Grey
  • Catalot by Evgenii Petrov
  • Coffee Brogue by Kiazi
  • Dr. Hallervorden by irskep
  • H.V.N.T.R.S. by FourbitFriday
  • Space Dungeon Pew Pew by codyloyd
  • StarFarer by max-radin
  • Aqua Cats by MatthewLacker
  • DeliveryRL by keipra
  • Zombie Rogue by gamefish
  • @rcus by tomtl
  • Ana's Eight Armed Alien Arena by rubybliels
  • Day Star by jmlait
  • Deathcall by makuto
  • Dungeon Penetrator 2018 (Pico-8) by Glen McNamee
  • Greedy Warlock by Lavaflyer
  • One Way Out [7drl] by skarl
  • The Jarl's Heritage by Aril
  • Townsfolk Are Tasty by antumbrastation
  • Verger by -hexcavator-
  • Viking Gone Rogue by CaptainKraft
  •  ?????? ??????? ??????? (East Bagel Ship) by st33d
  • Caves of Trash and Treasure by jhowl
  • StyRL by akirassasin
  • The Numerologist by RecurseGames
  • Mito by hellochar
  • Wastrl by theq629
  • Xenomorph 7drl of Infinite Underworld by CoolAI
  • Dicey Dungeons by Terry Cavanagh
  • Turncoat Tomb by uberdroidgames
  • Ghoul by pblc.works
  • The Dark Count by Lachlan Kingsford
  • The Faded Forest by crabpotgames
  • Tower Noire by Cow
  • Trial of the Warlock by savagehill
  • ARDOR by sgtcodfish
  • Hexnaut by bigalphillips
  • Laborind by Vidsneezes
  • Pacifist Jukebox by sowomoz
  • Crypt of Grimwin by teamkalamakkara
  • DRAGON BUSTER by groverburger
  • Felines by Iziminza
  • Gauntlet Rogue by geldonyetich
  • Twin Demon Slayers by bryqu
  • Adultlike by Ludipe
  • Bones by Chao
  • Cubelodo by Enlades
  • Dungeon Sprint 7DRL 2018 by Clevername
  • Eosos by Shakajiub
  • Jam-King's Big Bash by alexhall
  • Kingdoms of Ekulera by arqcenick
  • Rogue Wave by skwint
  • TAIYOH by mrhthepie
  • Amrita by Slogo
  • Dragonvein by Key Wraith
  • Cover and Move by moontea
  • HeroQuestRl by Pigmeat
  • JingkeRL by ceremonial
  • Tank Control by heroicfisticuffs
  • muxRL by dhuckle3
  • BloodCrypt by AdamStrange
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy Hunters by Akhier
  • Hell is other people by pc98
  • Shadow Ledger 7DRL by Kyace
  • Space Getaway by crneumre
  • Space Station TDA616 by blinkdog
  • Tower Of Pain by schraf
  • Zealot's Curse by ToothandClaw
  • Duck Tape Hero by thp
  • Haunted Mansion by Slashie
  • LPN9 by webthingee
  • NoMad by Tijn Arts
  • Superhotlike by Beavl
  • The calling by mapedorr
  • Prophetlike (gamejam) by Pezomi
  • The Blight by Snowdrama
  • The Rogue Gem by Varz
  • Trial by Fire by potatomancer
  • Between Games by Kiborgik
  • RDDL by Gamepopper
  • EldritchRL by arc0re
  • Olijkerd (7DRL) by marnix
  • P.A.P.A. roguelike by Xecutor
  • The long gun by dommillar@gmail.com
  • the Dark by ifman1
  • Dragon Dive by SquidPony
  • Roguelike Cowboys by Old Mohave Games Studio
  • The Untitled Action Tolkien Show by Jaldhar


Traditionally all 7DRLs are reviewed and rated by an expert committee. The reviews for 2018's entries can be found here: http://roguetemple.com/7drl/2018/