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== Reviews ==
== Reviews ==
The reviews for all the entries can be found here: http://roguetemple.com/7drl/2015/
The reviews for all the entries can be found here: http://roguetemple.com/7drl/2015/
== Medal ==
Winners may proudly display the medal on their homepage or their RogueBasin user pages.  Failures may only look on with envy...

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The 2015 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge invited developers to produce a complete roguelike game in seven short days. It was held 7th to 15th March 2015.


[edit] Links

[edit] Competition tags

On Wordpress, the tag 7DRL 2015 was used for related blog posts. On Twitter and G+, the hashtag #7DRL was used for competition related status updates.

[edit] Success (126)

This list is sorted by the average rating given by the Committee board

  • Seven Day Band by Jeff Lait
  • Rogue Space Marine by Brett \"TheSleeve\" Gildersleeve
  • RoyaLe by Flend (and ShroomArts)
  • DUMUZID by jere
  • FireTail by Darren Grey
  • SEVEN CELL by Ian Snyder
  • Dead Blinger by Aaron Steed
  • Here Be Dragons 2 by watabou
  • Into the Darkness by Tim Saunders
  • Lost Valkyrie by Andrew Wright (@roocey)
  • RUNNER_PUNCHER by Trystan Spangler
  • Fern Gully 3: Hexxus-quest by hi / winner
  • Rollgue by Anton Hand
  • Space Hellion by Paul Jeffries
  • The Promised Land by Snail_Man
  • Academy Rogue by psy_wombats
  • Fall Girl by Ise
  • Phage by Risto Saarelma
  • Chitinous Crooks by Matt Walsh
  • Quaff by Jonah Roux
  • A Rogue Harvest by AquaTsar
  • Beware the Space Bears by Tapio
  • Goblin Gold by James McNeill
  • Heavy Axe by Heroic Fisticuffs!
  • Second Stepper by Patrick Kenney
  • Synthesizer by graspee
  • The Dungeon by Engin Mercan
  • Warden's Duty by ondras
  • Edwin's 7DRL 2015 by Edwin DeNicholas
  • lightless (and library rl.js) by Scott Grant
  • STRIVE by supperdev
  • The Chase by Lachlan Kingsford/Wade Dyer
  • Combat Chess by rust
  • Feeding Frenzy by IBOL17 (Bob Saunders)
  • MineClimbeR(L) by Jeff Ripley (666v4nz)
  • Roguelikeishness by Mike Stout
  • Six Way Wanderer by Michael Wynne
  • Sneak by Spferical
  • Anoxic Depths by Kevin Harris
  • Dusk of a Shattered Kingdom by stewsters
  • Eientei by bakabbq
  • I'm the Burglar by handCraftedRadio
  • Rogue Sector by Adam Perry
  • ducksoup dungeon by Richard Lems
  • Forlorn Four by Richard Schneider
  • knock-down drag-out by steev
  • Rogue AI by Numeron
  • Salvage Crew by Jonathan Brodsky
  • Conservation of Ninjutsu by Chiguireitor
  • Loguerike by ratking
  • Monster Supremacy by Omar Mustardo and Brian Stottler
  • Please the Island God by plomlompom
  • Ponzu by horaguchi
  • Scattered Dungeon by Patrick
  • Deathdealer by Geek of Geek & Dad
  • Heart of Morning by thp
  • Huge by Patrick Lipo
  • Hurt Yoghurt by ArchBang
  • XENOWARS by purestrain
  • AAPA2 by John Keyworth
  • Down There by Marco Giorgini
  • Garbage In Garbage Out by Jonathan Whiting
  • Isometric ASCII Roguelike by Metaldemon
  • No Way But Down by ccapo
  • Omicron by Michael Trupkin
  • That's okay, you've got explosives. by Kevin van der Velden
  • Vamps N Wolves by Thom Robertson
  • Stygian Abyss by Team Krash (Kram+Slash)
  • Theseus by hilbert90
  • Booty Seekers by Team Toasty Pants
  • cboy by edvb54
  • Cinnamon Fins RL by rubybliels
  • Die Rogue by Rarykos
  • Evig Vinter by Andrew Stewart
  • Goblin-COM by skeeto
  • I Need To Go by DogShitEmpire
  • Infinite Energy by Jacob White
  • little warrior by kyle
  • Never To Tell by Niall Moody
  • RobberyRL by Team Kalamakkara
  • Stay Strong by Ashley Pringle
  • Void Sanctum by P?l Trefall and Alan Charlesworth
  • Rogue Caravan by Ian Andersen
  • Copy Frogue by Cap Petschulat
  • Famine Rogue (working title) by danyoutohell and barkeegan
  • Gore Grounds by Badscribbler
  • High Tech Survival by Konstantin 'Xecutor' Stupnik
  • KORZ-RL by Vincent
  • Nebulous Infinity by Virtually Competent
  • NoirRL by VedVid
  • Outlaw Space by Team Escalation Studios
  • SalvageRL by Arowx.com
  • The Hero Usually Dies by David Smit
  • Ardennes by Lone Spelunker
  • Cloak & Tower by interdimensional_ and neurotic pastures games
  • Evil Robot Basement Cleaners by Found Time Games
  • RNG by dashrava
  • RoguePac by Legend of Angband
  • To the West by Df458
  • Challenge Accepted RL by José Orlando Correia
  • D[e]ad: Trading Card Rogue Like by CEET 7DRL Team 2015
  • High Upon The Mountain by Oreyn
  • TradewarsRL by mad sorcerer
  • Alien World by Dennis
  • Chess+ by Alic Szecsei
  • Cipher Trials by CaptainKraft
  • Curse of Dry Hills by jlv
  • Randomized Action Arena by Steve_Yorkshire
  • RogueMan by Kristian Pilegaard Jensen
  • Transfix by Pink Koala-Tea
  • UNRoguEALike by Gabriel Veiga
  • Cadaver Country by Andrew Perrin
  • Rhyacian by Lokathor
  • Space Scavenger by WetDesertRock
  • Sting Quest by Gravity Games Interactive
  • DOWN, DOWN, DOWN by Luke Whiston
  • Hebrac's Dungeon 2015 by Thjalfa
  • Rogue For Hire by Alex Midgley
  • Roli by David Blosser, Pamela Vargas
  • Gem Acquisition Operative by Jason Pickering
  • Koobas by wasar26
  • R@gueX by Satvik Borra
  • We have a Bug by Escort Studios
  • You Only Have One Dog by 0Bennyman
  • Zoo Tycoon RL by erlehmann

[edit] Reviews

The reviews for all the entries can be found here: http://roguetemple.com/7drl/2015/

[edit] Medal

Medal_7DRL_2015_s.png [1]

Winners may proudly display the medal on their homepage or their RogueBasin user pages. Failures may only look on with envy...

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