7DRL Challenge 2014

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The 2014 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge invites developers to produce a complete roguelike game in seven short days. It is being held 8th to 16th March. Participants should start on the 8th or 9th (your own timezone) and finish exactly 168 hours later.



  • Registration - Registration page for the event, with screenshot uploading and linking to blogs/declaration.
  • Mailing list sign-up to receive important news and updates
  • Rules and FAQ for the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge
  • 7drl.org — A community blog for the 7DRL Challenge.
  • Rogue Temple, where 7DRLs made in this year's challenge will be evaluated.
  • Rogue Temple forums, for general roguelike-y discussion
  • RGRD irc channel, where a lot of the participants hang out during the challenge.
  • Roguelike Radio podcast episodes relating to the 7DRL Challenge
  • Videos Youtube Let's Plays of most of the last year's 7DRLs.

Competition tags

On Wordpress, use the tag 7DRL 2014 for related blog posts. On Twitter and G+, use the hashtag #7DRL2014 for your competition related status updates.


Reviews will be arranged of all successful entries.


A shiny medal will be made for the winners to proudly display on their homepages.

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