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== Medal ==
== Medal ==
A shiny medal will be made for the winners to proudly display on their homepages.
Winners may proudly display the medal on their homepage or their RogueBasin user pages.  Failures may only look on with envy...

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The 2014 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge invites developers to produce a complete roguelike game in seven short days. It was held 8th to 16th March. 132 challengers were successful!


[edit] Links

  • Registration - Registration page for the event, with all entries listed.
  • Mailing list sign-up to receive important news and updates
  • 7drl.org — A community blog for the 7DRL Challenge, with many screenshots and posts of the games involved.
  • Rogue Temple forums, for general roguelike-y discussion
  • RGRD irc channel, where a lot of the participants hang out during the challenge.
  • Roguelike Radio podcast episodes relating to the 7DRL Challenge
  • Videos! GameHunter will be Let's Playing all this year's 7DRLs!

[edit] Competition tags

On Wordpress, use the tag 7DRL 2014 for related blog posts. On Twitter and G+, use the hashtag #7DRL for your competition related status updates.

[edit] Success (125)

This list is sorted by average rating from the evaluation committee

  • VARIABLO by Rat King
  • TraumaRL by flend (and ShroomArts)
  • DataQueen by Darren Grey
  • The Hunt by winner
  • Succession by Adam Perry
  • Android <3 Kitty by Andrew Wright
  • Dungeon Dual 2014 by Todd Page
  • Goldfish by Ondras
  • Ragtag by Magma Fortress
  • Rogue Station by P?l Trefall and Kenneth Gangst?
  • Dice Mines by Trystan Spangler
  • Down Below by Konstantin Stupnik aka Xecutor
  • Find Yer Treasure! by Gary Boyd
  • Golden Krone Hotel by Jere
  • Lava Walker by StormAlligator Games & Pixelatedcrown
  • Wild West Roguelike by Lovepreet
  • Assault Fish by Eben Howard
  • Impera by Elliot Bonneville
  • Trinkets by Geek of Geek And Dad
  • Sucker by graspee
  • Here Be Dragons by Watabou
  • Knight by Derrick Creamer
  • Beware of Strange Warp Points by Ed Kolis
  • Hellspace by Numeron
  • Kunoichi by Kevin Harris
  • Towers of Trial by RedMike & Torvik
  • favrl by Norgg
  • horddays by koiwai
  • Saligia by 5k17
  • Power Grounds by Diego Cathalifaud
  • The Littlest Princess by Jo
  • Tales of the Adventuring Company by @slothwerks
  • The Mana Well by rot13
  • The Smith's Hand by Jeff Lait
  • Blackguard by Joshua Hansen
  • Fida'i by Pat Wilson
  • Mountain of the Gods by Skyler Colladay
  • Peasant Simulator by Will Coster
  • rgb by Bovard Tiberi and Ambrose McJunkin
  • Voronoiance by Daniel Slaney
  • Golem Quest by Tapio
  • LanternRun by Binary Gambit
  • Tox by Daan van Yperen & Flaterectomy
  • Cyber Phreak by Camden Segal
  • cyberdekay by Mark Wonnacott
  • Loot Rogue by Daniel Trewin
  • Anti-deratization by Tom Kunikowski
  • Creek Hero by MagmaCrab
  • the deadly four by kyle
  • Coffin Crooks by Found Time Games
  • FarmingRL by horaguchi
  • HvZ by Micah Workman
  • Obumbrata et Velata by Martin Read
  • R.U.S.T. by virtualtoy
  • The Tablet of Ananias by Slash
  • plato rogue by kuniqs
  • Crime Central by Worthless Bums
  • FlappyRL by Matt Cooper
  • Good Game by rubybliels
  • Unearthly Ichor by Sanojian
  • IX by Dom Crayford
  • KRAXLN by Arnold from Tinytouchtales, Thomas Wellmann and Leon Purviance
  • Northbound by skeeto & netguy204
  • Mysterious Space by Ben Hendel-Doying
  • ZERO ZERO PROJECTOR by jonathan brodsky
  • Terminal Run by Lizzip / MagicSheepGames
  • Lyon's Den by Lyon
  • OL Rogue by Legend of Angband
  • Princess Rescue 2014 7drl by cky711
  • atomic goblin epidemic by fournm
  • Like A Rogue 2 by Launch When Ready
  • Sand Dune Monster by Henron
  • Powerslave by jfroco
  • Cyber Ships by Louis Denizet
  • Monstrous Times by Rene Hangstrup M?ller
  • The Curse of Midas by Gerry Quinn
  • The Girl Who Played With The Dragons Nest by Jaldhar Vyas
  • firstrl by kiskami
  • Shit Crimson by ArchBang
  • ElvinRL by Patrick Meade
  • Ironwood by Peter Harkins
  • Atarowg by theloon
  • Zombie Tactics by John Watson
  • Card Bard by @nik_sg
  • Something Something Office Rampage by Df458
  • ColourBlind by Luke O'Connor
  • Fragility by Vedor
  • h@ckeRL by sntran
  • Colorshift by Perry Johnson
  • fivepm by Xik
  • Rogue Pachinko by DDD wares
  • Rushan grows stronger by stof and miguel
  • Salvage by Stewsters
  • Quake RL by Marlus Cadanus da Costa & Murilo Cadanus da Costa & Danny Grein
  • Commission Impossible by Jacob White
  • Luck of the Draw by Chocolate Factory
  • Morlock Hunter by Risto Saarelma
  • Third Planet by blockerz
  • Brace for Impact by Mike Trupkin
  • The Way of The Warrior (working name: Stubborn Warriors) by Serge Zaitsev (trikita)
  • Tower of Friendship by Ivy Edwards
  • DartRL by Mathias Myrland
  • 7DArrrL by Paul Jeffries
  • KKDKDLRL by 2 Brothers + an artist
  • SoulsRL by pangaea
  • MOV [title] \"Cyber\" JMP Quest by Badscribbler
  • Legend of Tower by Adam J. Piskel & Michael Vaganov
  • Colosseum of Rogues (COMPLETE!) by Deepshock
  • Shaken, not stirred by Karri Kaksonen
  • Space Junk Settler by Patrick Reece
  • Shrapnels by gnsh
  • Transplant by ktch
  • Procedural Death Splatter by steev
  • The Shroom Z by Gadget Games
  • The Worst Archaeologist in the World by David Proctor
  • Yokai by Arnaud DE BOCK
  • Airship Dragoon Rogue by Steve_Yorkshire
  • Escape from the Memory Canyons by Ian Wagner
  • Prescience by Benn Powell
  • Runic Ruins by BtpPrograms
  • The Boss Might Be a Dragon by Boolean isDragon Studios
  • APEX - Alien Pest Exterminator by SIJO Studios
  • Blitz it up! by Peaxel Games
  • Goblin Hunt by A. Dude
  • Rift-RL by Terkala

[edit] Reviews

Scores and review comments for all games are available on http://roguetemple.com/7drl/2014/.

[edit] Medal

Medal_7DRL_2014_s.png [1]

Winners may proudly display the medal on their homepage or their RogueBasin user pages. Failures may only look on with envy...

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