1DRL Challenge, December 2011

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First 1DRL Challenge, December 2011

1DRL was a challenge proposed by regulars on #rgrd chanel. The goal was similliar to any 7DRL challenge - start and finish making a game in set amount of time. In this case - 24h. Challange saw 7 participants, of those 3 released a complete game on time.


Choose any time from Thursday, Dec 8th to Sunday, Dec 11th.


Use whatever you like (existing engines, libs, code, graphics, sounds), just make the game.


jab start time: Dec 8th, 20:00 UTC end time: Dec 9th, 14:00 UTC

name: Bilebio

result: https://github.com/jabb/BileBio

oddmunds start time: Dec 8th, 21:30 UTC end time: Dec 9th, 06:50 UTC

name: Cave Santa

result: Ssh to topolov.weknowwhatboyslike.com, username and password is “santa”. Started with code from the very unfinished Svirfneblin.

rsaarelm start time: Dec 9th, 09:00 UTC end time: Dec 9th, 21:20 UTC

name: 1D Dungeon Adventure

result: http://jsbin.com/avawik/2/ started from scratch, made the first iteration within 6 hours and tweaked it some more in the evening to make it more balanced and possibly even winnable. Declaring it success.

Ido start time: Dec 9th, 12:00 UTC end time: Dec 10th, 11:35 UTC

name: Isobob

result: https://bitbucket.org/ido.yehieli/isobob started from some existing i/o code. Was too ambitious for a 1drl & failed to produce a complete game :(

Jo start time: Dec 8, 19:00 end time: Dec 9, 19:00

name: Unnamed Experiment

result: Complete failure. Completely out of the scope of a 1DRL. I was attempting to take a real time maze style game I have the source code for and add a procedural dungeon. What I ended up with after a day was complete wack.

magikmw start time: Dec 10th, 10:30 UTC end time: Probably around Dec 11th, 23:59 UTC

name: Echo

result: https://github.com/magikmw/echo Started with my code from ‘FirstRL’. If I had more time to actually code, I guess I’d made it in time.

Tanthie start time: Dec 9th, 16:00 UTC end time: DNF

name: Shartuul’s Challenge

result: Failure; slept 15 hours and the “game” got to be only @ moving on fancily colored dots.


Original Google Challenge Doc

Forum topic at Roguelike Temple forums

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