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      <page pageid="8653" ns="0" title="ReLarn">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">{{
|name = ReLarn
|developer = [[Chris Reuter]]
|theme = [[Fantasy]]
|influences = [[Larn]], [[Ularn]]
|released = Aug 9, 2018
|relver = 2.0
|updated = Jun 30, 2020
|updver = 2.2.1
|licensing = [[GPL]]
|language = [[C]]
|platforms = [[Linux]], [[Windows]], [[Mac OS X]]
|interface = [[ASCII]], [[Keyboard]]
|length = 1-2 evenings
|site =

'''ReLarn''' is a variant of [[Ularn]] (which is a variant of [[Larn]]) that mostly keeps the original game play while containing significant code cleanup and modernization.

The goal is to preserve the spirit of the original game while making it easy to maintain the code and port it to new platforms.

== Notable Differences ==

At the player level:

* Visibility is now proper line-of-site (thanks to Greg McIntyre's libfov)
* Choosing items and spells is now done by highlighting an item in a list.
* There is some support for color when the display supports it.
* There is now a windowed (non-terminal) version available.
* Junk mail is now simulated instead of being actual mail (and there are a few new messages).
* One new artifact that is mostly a joke.
* A whole lot of tweaks, bug-fixes and minor changes to things. 

At a software level:

* The source code has been refactored into modules to better follow the DRY principal and to take advantage of modern C features.
* The user interface uses curses for everything.
* Platform dependencies have been abstracted away from the main codebase so it should be relatively easy to port to other devices.

== Platforms ==

ReLarn should compile easily enough on any sufficiently Unix-like operating system and on Microsoft Windows.  Binaries are available for Windows, Linux and macOS.</rev>
      <page pageid="3261" ns="0" title="Realistic Angband">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">{{angband-variant-defunct | name = Realistic Angband
| developer = Eric Bock
| parent = Angband 2.8.2
| theme = Fantasy
| released = Jul 5 1999 (1.05a)
| updated = 
| download = 
| site =

See also [ Blueyonder mirror]</rev>